I Erased My HTC One S

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    Last week I "S-off" my HTC One S without any incident. Armed with the confidence after doing the S-off I decided to root my mobil with CM 10, but unfortunatley I made a complete mess of things and erased everything on the mobil. :(

    I tried with HTC Sweden to see if they would restore the mobil back to original but they refused to service the mobil, it's just over a year old and NO help from them! (my last HTC ever!)

    Anyways what my mobil is doing is it will start, I can see it in my computer but I can not transfer any files over to it. Plus even though I can see it in the computer it will shut down very fast. With it shutting down so fast I'm unable to install the RUU. I'm assuming they call this behavious "bootloop" as it simply starts/shuts down till the battery dies.

    Is there any firms here in Sweden that can service/restore a HTC One S back to original?

    Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated.

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    i recomend that you search XDAdevelopers for some brick or bootloot recovery guide and you may be able to fix it by downloading the HTC computer software and flash the latest Stock rom from there (my female friend fixed it on her samsung so you should be able to) it's just to test and test and test even more becasue how can it be worse then bootloops but you will need a lot off battery if you are gonna flash anything becasue the phone won't get any power under the flashing in most cases

    i hope that this helps a bit
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