ROM: [WIP] CyanogenMod 13 Preview for Moto X Play

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    I've been working on this port for some time, and it's now stable enough to share here, though it's still very much a Work-in-Progress. CyanogenMod 13 runs quite smoothly on lux, and most of the critical functionality is working now. However, CyanogenMod 13 is still full of bugs, and this port is also incomplete. I'm not yet looking for bug reports, but logs are still welcome if you encounter new crashes that appear to be device-specific.

    For GApps, I've been using OpenGapps for Marshmallow. OpenGApps seem to cause stability issues. For now, I'd suggest not installing GApps until we find something that works reliably.

    This ROM comes with a special Marshmallow branch of my "Squid Kernel". Don't flash any Lollipop custom kernels on this. Be aware that there's one annoying bug in CM13 where trying to download a file with the browser will cause it to crash. The workaround is to go into Settings->Apps->Browser->Permissions and enable the storage permission.

    November 19, 2015:
    - Initial release
    • Camera
    • Audio
    • Single SIM RIL
    • WiFi
    • NFC
    • Camera twist and display wave gestures
    • SD card
    • Video playback

    Broken or incomplete:
    • Torch and chop-chop gesture
    • GPS? Seems to work without GApps.
    • SEPolicy is permissive
    • All the bugs in CyanogenMod 13

    • Dual SIM RIL
    • Speakerphone

    November 19 Release