Recension: Xiaomi Mi VR (Unboxing & Review) with Cool PS VR Headset Design!

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    Unboxing & Review

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    Hi, this is my full unboxing & test of the Xiaomi Mi VR headset with built-in motion sensor and included remote control. There is no footage from inside the headset in this video, as it only activates the screen when you actually wear it via the front sensor.

    Design: Very good 9/10
    Comfort: Very good 9/10
    Weight: OK light 7/10
    Mounting: Good 8/10
    Strap: Good 8/10
    Nose Room: OK 6/10
    Lens: Sharp 9/10
    FOV: Good 8/10
    Software: Average 5/10 (chinese app)

    ● Xiaomi VR virtual reality glasses specifications:
    ● Built-in 1600Hz independent Motion Sensor
    ● Hardware Level Acceleration, Anti-Vertigo
    ● 16ms Low Latency
    ● 9-Axis Motion Sensing Bluetooth Remote Controller
    ● FOV 103 Degree Super Wide Angle
    ● Object Distance/Focus Adjustment
    ● Soft skin-closed foam, comfortable to wear
    ● USB Type-C Interface/connector
    ● Compatible with Xiaomi 5, 5S, 5S Plus, Note 2
    ● Weight: 408g
    ● Smartphone Compatibility: 5.0 - 5.7 Inch

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