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(rom) 22/Dec r1 WIP: MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Samsung Nexus S

Diskussion i 'Nexus S - ROM-filer och utveckling' startad av DrT, 22 dec 2010.

  1. DrT

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    5 jul 2009
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    "This is a WORK IN PROGRESS RELEASE, posted to tide-over until I can get the full kitchen up (shortly), and to hopefully serve as a useful reference point for other devices.


    You MUST WIPE YOUR DEVICE before flashing this ROM. There are NO exceptions. This is due to the resigning of key components with the AOSP platform key, to facilitate skinning / customising etc.

    Features at this time:

    * Packaged for ClockworkMod
    * Rebuilt using the MoDaCo MCR optimisation scripts
    * Full up to date Google experience + additional apps (including new look Market)
    * UK English for Voice Dialler
    * HSPA icon differentiation ('H' icon when transferring data via HSPA)
    * Insecure boot image
    * su / Superuser.apk root
    * Support for running scripts from /etc/init.d at startup
    * Terminfo support (for nano etc)
    * Busybox 1.18.1
    * framework-res and core libraries / apks are signed with the 'platform' certificate from AOSP, aiding those who wish to edit the framework-res / SystemUI.apk to theme. Simply extract, edit, resign with the platform certificate and push the file. Tidy.
    * A bunch of other stuff that i've forgotten

    Installation is recommended via ClockworkMod recovery, ENSURE YOU HAVE A NANDROID BACKUP BEFORE FLASHING!

    Please be aware of the WIP nature of this release when posting feedback... and ENJOY! Known issues and changelog can be found in post 2.


    Prebake download

    * r1 WIP (default options) - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid Load Balancing) - MD5: 2335053de6849b7effb49baf590e41d8

    Kitchen download

    * The kitchen download will follow shortly.

    And finally

    Details on how to donate should you wish to do so are in download topic at MoDaCo..