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ROM: [CM12.1][5.1.1] TugaPower 75.0

Diskussion i 'OnePlus One - ROM-filer och utveckling' startad av Aniquibobo, 23 aug 2015.

  1. Aniquibobo

    Aniquibobo Adult Droid Medlem

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    20 mar 2010
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    iPhone 11 Pro


    iPhone 11 Pro
    Original Thread:

    Build 21/08/2015

    #TugaPower v75.0 CM12.1 #OnePlus #Android 5.1.1

    Change log:

    FileManager: Fix shortcuts
    Fix MediaScan issue w/ Deleting
    kernel: find7: Update defconfig
    Blank area appears between QS and Notification
    Keyguard: Adding null check for dateformat
    Bluetooth: Fix for crash in multi advertiser
    Bluetooth: Check for mPanservice before changing tethering state
    Trim task thumbnail within MAX_RECENT_BITMAPS.
    Fix return to task when single task activity is brought to front
    Modify SILENT profile to restrict notification sound
    Filter internal account when set device owner
    mediaplayerservice: reset mBytesWritten in AudioSink flush and stop
    soundpool: reuse channel for same sample if available
    soundpool: update sample rate when reusing audiotrack
    cmhw: Add makeDefault arg to setDisplayMode
    stagefright: Correct Exynos4 stride alignment
    Themes: Allow packages to be set as non-themeable
    Settings: add Berlin to time zones list
    ProfileTrustAgent: remove onStart override
    Settings: add a way to reset quick settings tiles
    stagefright: Exynos4 MPEG4 decoder should set native color format.
    Telecomm: Avoid NPE when invoking setAudioParameters
    exynos: vdec: report width/height as stride/slice-height for BUFFER_COPY
    exynos_omx: multi_thread: set crop only if frame dimensions change
    exynos_omx: multi_thread: Support for resubmit CSDs after flush.
    Fingerprint: Don't start fingerprint auth in constructor
    product: Let a device customize its own locales
    DevicePolicy: Restore backup manager if the device owner is cleared
    Revert "eap_peer: add more qmi dependencies with qmi proxy"
    libhwcutils: Treat mLastGSCLayerHandle as buffer_handle
    libv4l2: Fix fgets usage
    eap_peer: add more qmi dependencies with qmi proxy
    SetupWizard: Don't wait for data connection to present the data toggle
    backup: Fix the system server crash fix
    osal: Fix OMX_SEC_COLOR_FormatNV12LPhysicalAddress
    Support resuming block based OTAs
    Initialize stashbase even stash_max_blocks = 0
    Fix recovery image text rendering.
    Change transfer list format to include block hashes
    libhdmi: Correctly include kernel header files
    SetupWizard: Improve wait for data sim change logic
    SelectAccountActivity : Support local phone account
    Telephony: Allow com.android.phone to use CMHW
    vendor:cm: contributors: Add maintainers for new device
    Fix keyboard hiding and scrolling
    Fixed MediaScan Issue w/ Directories
    exynos5: Remove unused kernel header directory
    Kernel: Revert "misc: shineled: Update driver for Find7S"
    Kernel: bacon: Disable PIC1503_FASTCG
    kernel: ARM: dts: oppo: Move shineled to x9007/a0001
    kernel: msm: oppo: Fix GPIO configuration when not selecting KS8851
    kernel: bacon/find7: Disable KS8851 ethernet
    kernel: ARM: dts: oppo: Clean up LEDs configuration
    kernel: ARM: dts: oppo: Remove unused devices & cleanup
    Kernel: ARM: dts: oppo: Disable spi0
    exynos: Add kernel headers to include path
    Show an AlertDialog when clicking Get More
    Fix:Shouln't display any contacts after clean all letters in dialer search view.
    Fix authentication error notification click handling
    hardware: Add DisplayModeControl API
    cmsdk: Add initial DisplayMode and AutoContrast support to CMHW
    cmsdk: Transplant CMHW into CMSDK
    settings: Move CMHW to CMSDK
    cmbugreport: Move CMHW to CMSDK
    telecom: Move CMHW to CMSDK
    setupwizard: Move CMHW to CMSDK
    cm: Moving CMHW to CMSDK
    livedisplay: Fix boot-time race condition
    cmhw: Move CMHW out of the framework and into CMSDK
    cmsdk: Start external services at the right time
    profiles: Don't bind the keyguard until ActivityManager is up
    Fixup Freetype project & revision
    telephony: Don't bypass telephony stack when switching RAT
    ContactsCommon: Telephony expects sim_index
    SetupWizard: Wait for data sim change
    vendor:cm: contributors: Add a new maintainers
    Fingerprint: Call SecurityCallback.dismiss when recognized
    Add URI matcher entry for CONTACTS_GROUP
    settings: contributors cloud
    Fix potential overflow issue (android_external_icu)
    Cherrypick http://bugs.icu-project.org/trac/changeset/37162
    Settings: update time zone strings on date change
    libcore: add a way to clear cached time zone strings
    DO NOT MERGE Change to add STK_PERMISSION for stk related commands
    DO NOT MERGE Change to make STK related intents protected
    Prevent system uid component from running in an app process
    Support custom gerrit servers via HTTP or SSH
    audio effects: fix heap overflow
    Fix Navigation back from Search
    Refresh: stop refreshes in action

    ROM script its improved, if you dont meet the firmware requisites ROM will not flash, you can find Firmware zip in the botton of post

    Added Xposed ( Please take extreme precaution wich modules you install, if its not ready to Lollipop you may face bootloop )
    To go out of bootloop just go to TWRP and in file manager delete the file /data/data/de.robv.android.xposed.installer/conf/modules.list, that way phone will boot
    Updated Xposed to version of 16/08/2015 v71
    Stock kernel its SeLinux Permissive for better work with rooted apps
    Stock kernel its always in OTA, so after changing kernel download from OTA frist stock kernel just en case.
    Added MaxxAudioFX full support -> Thanks to @ricardopvz
    Removed AudioFX (Find it in OTA)
    Removed CM Wisper
    Removed CM Update OTA
    Removed CM SetupWizzard
    Removed CM Acount
    Added DPI changer, 380dpi Option, find it over screen options
    Bumped android to 5.1.1 Revison 13 LVY48E
    Kernel patched to support multi ROM
    Added support to GravityBox Tiles Control over Xposed
    Added Android M Boot Animation
    Powered by SuperSU 2.49

    ROM -> https://goo.gl/6tRjm3

    Mirror MegaUpload -> https://goo.gl/o9CBfb

    Mirror Android File Host -> https://goo.gl/c1DrDx

    MD5: 401ef004ca8b5d673718b1e34ed9ede5

    Gapps -> http://goo.gl/3w6zWN

    Happy flashing

    Firmware parts Recommended for better function over TugaPower ROM, flash this if ROM Flash gives firmware error
    Meocloud Firmware Download -> https://goo.gl/NV6OeM
    Mirror Mega Download -> https://goo.gl/5PZFMU

    MD5: 60116cfa0db1d9f65e172639d269a335

    CyanogenMOD https://github.com/CyanogenMod