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Daydream View + Google Pixel for locall fild and tv series watching only

Diskussion i 'International forum' startad av Drnick, 16 jul 2018.

  1. Drnick

    Drnick Infant Droid Medlem

    Blev medlem:
    16 jul 2018
    Mottagna gillanden:
    Hi Gyus,

    I have just invested in this rigg to better énjoy my locally series and Movie watching, I am not interested in VR stuff,youtube, Netflix or games(so far), just wanted it for relaxing and watching Movies and series in the evenings liing down.

    I am using Google Pixel XL for the smartphone and the Daydreaw View.
    The best app I have found so far is VRTV Free, (Watching only localy material)

    I must say that I am a Little dispaointed so far with the overal experience, (A "Little"), didnt expect that much of a smart phone solution but it was still a lot of Money spent and i hoped for more.

    Perhaps there are settings or solutions that could improve the experience that you guys could help me with, I will list my convcerns in PRIORITY order.

    1) The screendoor: Is there ANYTHING to do to improve of this as I see it as a disaster? It is is just so much visable pixles I cant ignore them. Reminds me of my first projector 20+ years ago

    2) Picture resolutionsolution seems low, anything to boost this?

    3) The fact that I have to have my head in a certain angle to get the best focus, are there any solution for that? (Not a huge problem)

    Let me also say that I got the phone and Daydreaw view today so the "noob" factor is still there.

    I rather not buy Another phone now when I bought this but ifAnother heat set would help I would consider it.

    I Appreciate all answers and help on theres questions as I have spent a fortune on the rigg (With obiously not enough enough research behínd it)

    Looking formward for constructive feedback!!

    All the best,
    AnnaMariaZ gillar detta.