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[FREE] Klä Upp Spel för Barn

Diskussion i 'Spelutveckling' startad av Peaksel, 29 jan 2014.

  1. Peaksel

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    23 dec 2013
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    Hej. Mitt namn är Snezana. Min svenska är inte så bra så jag ska byta till engelska.

    I am glad to introduce a couple of dress up games created by Peaksel DOO. Dress up games are very good for developing children's imagination so if you like what you see, there are more of these games to be found at:

    Klä på Spel Nalle
    This game brings back memories of childhood we all share; the ones of playing with our teddy bears. There are four different types of bears to choose from and you can play with your new pet all day long.


    After you put on your favorite outfit, you can take a picture with it and show it off. You can download the game for free following this link:

    Klä Hund Spel
    This is a game for all animal lovers, especially those who enjoy the company of dogs. You can choose from various dogs the one that you like the best and dress it up as much as you like. You can make it look sporty, fancy, etc. and then take a picture with your new pet. Laugh as you play the role of a fashion designer.


    Look it up on Google Play and download it for free:

    Klä på katt spel
    If you prefer cats to dogs, this is a great game for you. Choose a kitty that you like and make it look classy and elegant by adding latest fashion accessories to its outfit.


    Playing with animals is fun so do not hesitate to check out Google Play and download the game for free: