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Looking for Programmer - Start up - Stockholm

Diskussion i 'Jobb och tjänster' startad av sprint, 15 sept 2019.

  1. sprint

    sprint Infant Droid Medlem

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    15 sept 2019
    Mottagna gillanden:
    I am building a new kind of gamified running app - with unique features and with a very different experience from the running apps on the market today. This app has beed created by a software dev company and an MVP (..a highly developed one..) will be ready to launch within a few weeks. Now I'm looking to find a CTO/programmer (located in Stockholm) for this startup. Someone who wants to join a innovative start up, in a very early stage and become a key role. Discussions with potential investors has already been initiated. But until next step - starting salary will not be high, But with a good equity share.

    App is built in: React native, postgres..

    Welcome to contact me with a few lines about yourself! And if you have any questions.

    [email protected]

    Best regards/Mikael
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