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Problem: Newest Android update lost after factory reset

Diskussion i 'International forum' startad av adrigonza, 28 okt 2019.

  1. adrigonza

    adrigonza Infant Droid Medlem

    Blev medlem:
    28 okt 2019
    Mottagna gillanden:
    Hi everyone!

    Yesterday I did a factory reset to my Xiaomi Redmi Note 6. I backed up my pics and apps, but for some reasons I noticed the android version of the phone after starting it up is an old one (9 PKQ1.180904.001). I cant tell which OS version I did have before the reset, but icons are different. However apps have the newest version as before the reset. Can someone advise me what to do to get the newest OS version again? When I check on "settings -> about phone", I cant get any newer android version. Thanks in advance!

  2. Claudia Fields

    Claudia Fields Baby Droid Medlem

    Blev medlem:
    7 okt 2019
    Mottagna gillanden:
    It seems that you need to update your device . Try Settings > General settings > About phone >System updates > wait for searching >Select New version > Select Update
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