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Tips: PurePerformances™X [MOD]

Diskussion i 'Galaxy S3 - ROM-filer och utveckling' startad av masze, 30 maj 2015.

  1. masze

    masze Android Veteran Hedersmedlem

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    5 sept 2010
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    P20 Pro


    P20 Pro

    ◢ Features ◣
    - Android performances improved at 360°
    - Radically improved management ram on android (Lags...adios!)
    - Script lightweight and revised to be adapted to this engine
    - Improves a lot the graphics: of course Pure Graphic™HD, Pure Dithering Plus™ and... AOSPA 3.60 system tweaks
    - Scan multimedia time drastically reduced
    - Network Improvements, 3G experience even in 2G modality
    - All SQlite database optimized
    - Enable hardware features turned off by default for a better experience on entry level devices
    - Greatly increases the score AnTuTu: Try it to believe it!!
    - Reduces the startup time of Android
    - A version for stock rom and one for CM, to squeeze any roms!
    - Allows you to play ported games without lags
    - Cleans the system every 24 hours, thecache every week and the Dalvik every month (cronos easter egg)
    - Automatically Zipalign on each boot (sensitive to the user)

    - Drastically decreased the drainage of battery
    - Check the activities that consume too much battery stop them with PureWakelocks™
    - When the phone is charging reduces system services for faster charging
    - The battery is calibrated on every boot
    - Disable animation of the system when the battery is nearly exhausted
    - Improvements in build.prop as regards the part of consumption

    ◢Graphics, Screen, Images◣
    - Enables a non-aggressive dithering to save CPU
    - When you lock the device, the engine makes sure that the GPU is turned off
    - Enables deep sleepalso in the bugged rom
    - Parts of bravia engine
    - Of course parts of CrossBreeder (credits to dev)
    - Of course parts of Adrenaline Engine (credits to dev)
    - Of course PureGraphics HD, even though I already told you
    - Of course V6 supercharger
    - Generates video entropy (like seeder)

    CPU, Governors, I/O Schedulers◣
    - Slightly improves the scaling of the frequencies (for better results you need a good kernel)
    - Lightens the load on the CPU switching the workload to GPU rendering
    - Enable the swap partition in Android (experimental)

    I've said too much, man. Install this engine and discover its power! :P

    ◢ Compatibility ◣
    This engine works on any devices with any rom, but there is a version for CM's rom and one for stock based firmwares.

    Denna mod boostade min stock rom betydande!
    bernard gillar detta.