Guide: Somatosensory Spel [AR]

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    Here's a Guide on how to use your P30 Pro to play some Somatosensory games with.
    This type of games were introduced with the launch of Honor V20.

    Step 1. Download Huawei AR Engine, some of us can use the Huawei AppGallery to find this app, others have to sideload it (attached)
    Step 2. Download and Install some somatosensory game
    Step 3.[​IMG] Fancy Skiing [Android Q] | [​IMG] Fancy Darts [Android Q] | [​IMG] Gesture Archery Master[Android Q]
    Step 4. Connect your mobile phone to a TV or computer. Turn on the wireless display -> pull down the mobile phone notification bar -> click the wireless projection screen -> search for available devices -> click the device to connect
    Step 5. When linked to the TV or computer, we click on the somatosensory game, place the phone horizontally, point the camera at yourself, and the distance between the phone and the body is about 2.5 meters to ensure that the phone can capture the whole body.
    Step 6. You can start, and have fun!

    If you want to uninstall AR Engine then they will need to run ADB commands, as this app will be installed as a system app [GUIDE] - Remove Huawei Bloatware Without Root Access - using ADB & USB Debugging

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