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Övrigt: Ubports 0.6

Diskussion i 'Ubuntu Touch' startad av astrob0y, 27 nov 2018.

  1. astrob0y

    astrob0y Teen Droid Medlem

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    25 dec 2012
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    Uppdateringen finns i RC
    Call for Testing: Ubuntu Touch OTA-6

    Known issues
    • The viewfinder on the Nexus 5 still freezes. Similar issues have been reported on the Oneplus One and Nexus 4
      • Workaround: Switching apps or opening the gallery and going back brings the viewfinder back. Pictures can be taken normally while the viewfinder is frozen.
    • In some apps, dialog boxes will fly off the screen when the keyboard appears. A fix is proposed but can't be merged until a test harness bug is fixed.
    • In the browser, selection boxes will be opened in a new window. This is expected to remain until a newer version of Mir is used, which will allow for drawing tooltips in the surface that created them.
    • On larger screens (such as the BQ M10 and Nexus 7), the browser will close after opening a selection box while in landscape mode.
      • Workaround: Either move the browser to a side stage (press with three fingers and drag to the right) or hold the device in portrait mode.
    • When switching between text boxes in the browser, the input type of the keyboard is not updated (for example, when going from a numbers-only text field to a URL field).
      • Workaround: dismiss the keyboard before changing text fields