Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 – en barnlek att använda

19:08 - 2010-01-19
Eric N


På Sony Ericssons produktblogg har produktchefen Rikard Skogberg skrivit ett kul inlägg om hur hans två och ett halvt år gamla dotter leker med en Xperia X10.

Dottern verkar inte ha haft några svårigheter med att lära sig att använda telefonen och som exempel kan nämnas att programmet Toddler Lock, vars syfte är att hålla små fingrar borta från telefonens övriga applikationer, visade sig otillräckligt då hon snabbt tog sig förbi det för att därefter börja multitaska bland de installerade programmen efter egen maskin.

Numera har hon en av de tre hemskärmarna som sin egen och på denna hemskärm finns följande applikationer att hitta:

Toddler Lock was the first one. It’s still great but has lost a bit of here attention now when she’s found more advanced stuff, I guess she’s getting old already :-)

Zebra Paint has been a favorite for a long time now. It’s basically a digital coloring book where you choose color and then touch paintings to paint. In this one she’s also learnt to use the submenu button, choose “new” and switch to another painting. You’ll see it in the video below. As you’ll see she sees it as a game where the goal is to fill the entire painting with one color before going to the next. I guess she’s more competitive than creative ;-)

Farm Animals has a grid of a few common farm animals and when clicked the phone makes the animal sounds. Simple but great fun for Stella! I especially like the cool design of the animals.

Monkey Kick Off was her favorite for a long time as well. A very simple (and well-known from browser flash-based gaming) game where you just tap the screen at the right time to make a monkey kick a ball as far as possible. This is also very addictive for us grown-ups!

Kids Paint is a simple painting app where the brush change color and apperance for every new line, very simple but Stella enjoys it a lot! You see her using that a bit in the video as well.

Abduction is a very good game that has beautiful design and uses the accelerometer. Stella thinks it’s a bit hard to play but really loves that Cow that plays the lead role in it. Definitely fun for her dad as well!

Touch! 4Kids is a rather simple game where different animals and stuff come flying across the screen and you need to touch them before they pass by. Great sounds and has a toddler mode which makes time restrictions etc go away if it’s too hard.

Touch Cat is the most recent new one she likes. It’s basicly just a picture of a cat on the screen and when you touch it the phone vibrates like a purring cat. This is probably the first one we really disagree about, I don’t really see the point but Stella enjoys it a lot.. I guess age does matter ;-)

Har ni läsare kanske några förslag på apps utöver de ovan som passar för de lite yngre? Skriv i sådana fall gärna i kommentarsfältet till artikeln.

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